Howl Pendragon Appearance and Personality

Howl with his new beautiful raven black hair | Howls moving castle, Ghibli  art, Howl pendragon

Howl has shoulder-length flaxen blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a pale complexion in the film adaptation. He is a tall, slender man. Sophie Hatter cleans Howl’s bathroom and changes some hair remedies later in the film, turning Howl’s formerly blonde hair a ginger color that later turns a raven black color. This irritates Howl, who responds by summoning the shadows In an especially amusing scene, he emerges from the darkness and covers himself in a see-through green slime.

He occupations charms and make up to make himself seriously engaging, just as having a really secures personality. Michael and Calcifer request that the day Yell disregards to go through not exactly an hour inside the washroom is the day he is really in worship, an estimate which a short time later ends up being certified. Shout wears garish and extravagant suits, asserting to Michael that “Nobody’s going to use a wizard in case he seems as though he can’t make money at the trade” (regardless of the way that Sophie voices questions that really, he reasonable preferences dress). The suit he wears most routinely is silver and blue disregarding the way that he thereafter changes to his more preferred dim and red one, a while later covered as a dim suit, when Yell goes into lamenting for his guide, Mrs Pentstemmon. At first, it was reasonable gaudy, until Sophie coincidentally darned charm into the wrinkles by talking life into it, saying “[the suit is] worked to haul inside the young women.”

howl’s hair is colored periodically, as he doesn’t perceive any reason why “individuals put such a lot of significant worth in things being regular”. Toward the start of the book it is blonde, at that point a pinkish red tone (this occurred coincidentally, Sophie moved around his elixirs in the washroom) lastly pale blue dark, a shading the vast majority concur looks best on him, as it goes with his “glass green eyes”. At the point when Howl gets his heart back, his eyes become substantially less marble-like and all the more genuine looking.

Howl has a sort, liberal character. He permitted Michael and Sophie to live with him, and is excusing of their slip-ups. He likewise gave Calcifer his heart when Calcifer was a perishing falling star. His great attributes, be that as it may, are covered by his more contrary qualities, just as conscious “darkening of his name”, so not many individuals know about them. He prefers not to fight, and will “crawl out” of circumstances he would not like to be in. He prefers not to be nailed down to anything, and is very fainthearted.

Also, Howl has a to some degree youngster like demeanor, asking for consideration and in any event, pitching a fit. Notwithstanding his consideration chasing, self-assimilated nature, he’s very kind – or rather, isn’t mischievous; “I’m excessively tolerant and excessively amenable,” as he put it.

The solitary way he can cause himself to accomplish something courageous is to reveal to himself he is fleeing. He likewise lies a great deal, and likes to prod Sophie, however quietly. A genuine illustration of this is the point at which he is professing to be enamored with Lettie to get data on Sophie, and he continually goes on about her to cause Sophie to feel desirous. Yell’s most exceedingly terrible, or if nothing else most irksome attribute, is his pursuing. He can’t rest until he has made a young lady love him and turns out to be very unaware, yet once she cherishes him he quickly fails to remember her.

This training is the place where Howl got his standing for eating hearts, as that is the thing that dismissed young ladies’ furious aunties call it when they come searching for Howl. This training likewise is the reason the Witch of the Waste reviled Howl, as she was abandoned by him also. Cry is entirely unaware with cash, cheating the rich and undercharging poor people, just as spending an excess of time and again. It is thought that, when Howl gave Calcifer his heart, he lost a portion of his mankind. This is proposed by the movement of the Witch of the Waste, who had her fire evil spirit for any longer than Howl. It is additionally proposed by Madam Pentstemmon, when she discloses to Sophie that Howl is “going to the terrible.”


Howl is a capable wizard, and is additionally very acceptable at crawling out of things he doesn’t wish to do – an ability he developed through his sister’s accidental guide – and can change into various creatures (he’s viewed as a feline, a canine and a unidentified beast). In the film, he can change in to a huge monster with dark plumes and appropriate different phases of change. He utilizes this ability to travel to the combat zone and battle just as to escape from foes.

At a certain point in the film, he ‘zooms in’, on a war vessel when him and Sophie are in his nursery, he passes walkways, slips past a few partners in crime, and goes to the core of the carrier where he unplugs a few links that prevent everything except one wing from working. Be that as it may, this enchantment appears to change him into the monster:

Sophie: What did you do?

Wail: Just played with it, it will not crash however.

Sophie sees that his finger nails have extended into paws, and his lower arm is beginning to develop dark quills.

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